Another game, another caster. After a test with Jaga Jaga, I put a Sturm and Drang list on the table. Or rather, destiny choose this caster for me.
I decided to randomly draw the caster I was going to play for the next local tournament, and guess what? I ran into Sturm and Drang twice. If that’s not a sign that I’m made to play this caster, i don’t know what it is. 

The S&D kit is particularly interesting. It combines control and support elements (TK, polarity shield, deceleration, …) and a real melee presence for the late game. It also makes farrows beast  actually better by giving them a speed, MAT, and pathfinder boost. Its biggest weaknesses are an uninteresting feat in the meta and having to choose between control and strength. But hey, that’s what makes this caster so charming, isn’t it?

After some arrangement, I came up with this list. With the very interesting inclusion of M&M and Orin to prevent Polarity Shield being Hex blast at the worst possible time.
I face Crucible guard. A particularly interesting match with the recently released CID. And a match in which it seems to me that Minions may have a hard time. The faction relies heavily on shield guards. This rule does not have much importance for CG and the large amount of sprays available in the faction. S&D could be a good solution in this match up with deceleration. 

[Sturm 1 & Drang 1] Sturm & Drang [+28]
– Battle Boar [7]
– Road Hog [15]
– War Hog [14]
– Gatorman Soul Slave [5]
Bone Shrine [2]
Farrow Sapper [3]
Gatorman Witch Doctor [4]
Gudrun the Wanderer [5]
Kogan the Exile [0(6)]
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor [0(5)]
Death Archon [8]
Death Archon [8]
Scythe [0(6)]
Boomhowlers 3 [8]
Malvin and mahyem [17]
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron [5]
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]
[Syvestro 1] Aurum Adeptus Syvestro [+28]
– Vindicator [15]
– Vindicator [15]
– Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc [0(5)]
Anastasia di Bray [3]
Ascendant Mentalist [0(4)]
Ascendant Mentalist [0(4)]
Crucible Guard Rocketmen (max) [15]
– Crucible Guard Rocketman Captain [4]
Failed Experiments (max) [14]
Railless Interceptor [16]
Railless Interceptor [16]


Despite his reroll and a +1 bonus to start, my opponent lose the starting roll. I choose, very logically, to start to play.

Sturm and Drang turn 1

Because my opponent’s army is very fast, I decide to rush forward. I TK the death archon on the left so he can hide behind the obstruction. I place Vision on the right death archon and Polarity shield on Malvin and Mahyem. I only advance 5′ instead of charging with my caster which will turn out to be a mistake.

Syvestro turn 1

My opponent will run while staying out of reach of my models. He positions his failed experiments behind the cloud to protect them from my death archon. He puts transmutation on the rocketmens and admonition on one of the two jacks.

 Sturm and Drang turn 2

This turn is not an easy one. First, spread the net is a live scenario. If I don’t move forward I will lose quickly. Then, if I go too far, it has the ability to kill me a lot of models with his feat. This round will therefore be a placement round. I protect my right archon with a cloud, my left archon stays behind the obstruction, and I play M&M under polarity shield very aggressively, completely forgetting about Purification. Note that I should use my feat this turn, but my caster was not far enough to do it effectively .

Syvestro turn 2

It’s a feat turn for my opponent. He uses purification to remove my two upkeep, which allows one of its jacks to charge M&M with a vindicator under transmutation. Before, he shoots with his other jack and with his BE. Logically, Malvin and Mahyem die. He advances to contest zone and flag with his two units and scores two points while I do not score.

Pinky and the Brain 0 Syvestro 2


Sturm and Drang turn 3

Losing M&M hurt but in exchange he no longer had a feat and committed a jack. I have a big turn waiting for me. My objective is to make the left battle engine stationnary and kill as many Failed experiments as possible, score my zone, send a Death archon to kill a ton of rocketmens, score my flag, and kill the two jacks, one with Kogan and Boomie and the second with my road hog (or at least damage it).

Maybe it’s too much, isn’t it?

I start to ambush my sapper on the right in order to contest the zone. Then TK a failed experiment with the soul slave outside the zone but I failed to kill it with my battle boar (i didn’t use primal here). I then sent my death archon to his left battle engine but I need to use the ghostly spell of my gatorman witch doctor to avoid taking a free strike. My death archon put the BE stationary but do not damage the failed experiment. Note that, turn 1 and 2, I only rolled 1 for the corpses generated by my cauldron. (We also realised after the game that BE can’t be stationnary, oopsy). So my death has no other corpse than the one he uses to side step and reach the back line of the failed experiment.

On the right, success is not there either. My death archon (with two corpses) can do two big threshers in the rocketmens but he kills very few of them (11 on three dices to hit). I manage to clean the flag from dodging rocketmens with sneaky electro leap from Orin. In the center, Kogan and Boomie3 kills the jack, but I can’t finish my plan as my Road hog can’t reach his jack because he needs Ghostly to go through the wall. Pity. I score two and contest everywhere. Kogan hoof it back behind a cloud created by a gobber.

Pinky and the Brain 2

Syvestro 2

Syvestro turn 3

My opponent easily kills the two death archons and comes to contest my zone with the failed experiment and my flag with his rocketmens. However, he does not manage to kill the sapper which prevents him from scoring his zone. In the center, he walks towards my road hog with the vindicator to punch my beast but forgets Boomhowler’s counter-charge. Fortunately for him, his jack is under admonition, so he can avoid the troll’s charge and can shoot it because he has dual attack. Boomie will take serious damages. 

Pinky and the Brain 2

Syvestro 3


Sturm and Drang turn 4

It’s Drang time! I need pathfinder this turn and the free charge in addition to the bonus to hit will help my beasts to be more efficient. So I cast killing ground and camp. My battle boar, under primal this time, kill barely the failed experiment which allows me to score in the zone. Boomie and Kogan will kill the Vindicator and Gudrun will advance to protect them as well as possible. I also have the possibility to send my war hog into the battle engine on the right. I just have to kill a rocketmen. I send my road hog to kill him, but in a rush, I do my assault spray attack. Logically, I miss the three rocketmens under the spray template. So they can use dodge and stand in the way of my war hog. My whole plan falls apart! I then decide to kill rocketmens and hope that with Overtake I will be able to reach the battle engine with the road hog, but I miss the second one which dodge away and my war hog stupidly stays there. I still manage to score three points and contest his flag with my witch doctor.

Pinky and the Brain 5

Syvestro 3

Syvestro turn 4

My opponent kills a lot of important models this turn. Kogan, Boomie3, the farrow sapper and most importantly, the War hog. He can score in his zone and on his flag but luckily my battle boar survive. He also ambushes with Anastasia, kills Orin and contest my flag.

Pinky and the Brain 5

Syvestro 5


Sturm and Drang turn 5

My clock is starting to be very low. I want to score two points this round. Scythe receives puppet master and manages to kill Anastasia. She “run and gun” to score the flag. However, I am unable to clear the central zone. I finished my turn by sending my Road hog under primal (casted by Drang) in the battle engine which manages to kill it and sprint in the face of Syvestro.

Pinky and the Brain 6

Syvestro 5

Syvestro turn 5

My opponent kills gudrun, my battle boar and Scythe. He score on his flag and contests the central zone with his rocketmens. He will clock himself by finishing this round.

Pinky and the Brain 6

Syvestro 6


What a great game full of suspense. I’m not sure I could have won it if my opponent still had time on his clock. The CID for Crucible guard has really improved the faction.

I’m pretty happy with my list. And pretending to be scyzophrenic like my caster during the game makes it even funnier ^^

I defienitly need tools to repair M&M outisde of the objective. I also suffer from a lack of grevious wound. So I am thinking of adding a thamarite advocate or JAIMS to give me this tool in my list. For the rest, the list is doing well with a special mention for Gudrun. This guy is amazing in this match up.