“Drang: What are we going to do tonight? 

Sturm: The same thing we do every night, Drang. Try to take over the world.”

Hello all, 

This battle report is my first game from a local steamroller played on Wartable with 12 players.

I decided to take Sturm and Drang as my main list. I really like this caster and I think I can have an “ok” game against a lot of lists.

I decided to complete this list with Barnabas 2. I recently bought the model. It looks amazing, and I would love to use it in a real life game. I don’t have any experience with the big gator so i remorseless copy-paste a list of a friend of mine named Marcel Chamblard. In the end, my pairing looks like that. 

Sturm and drang WWFF

[Theme] Will Work For Food

[Sturm 1 & Drang 1] Sturm & Drang [+28]
– Battle Boar [7]
– Road Hog [15]
– War Hog [14]
– Gatorman Soul Slave [5]
Bone Shrine [2]
Gobber Tinker [2]
Gudrun the Wasted [0(5)]
J.A.I.M.s [5]
Kogan the Exile [0(6)]
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor [5]
Death Archon [8]
Death Archon [8]
Scythe [0(6)]
Boomhowler the destroyer [8]
Malvin & Mayhem [17]
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron [5]
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

Barnabas 2 WWFF

[Theme] Will Work For Food

[Barnabas 2] Barnabas, Lord of Blood [+23]
– Blackhide Wrastler [16]
– Boneswarm [7]
– Bull Snapper [5]
– Gatorman Soul Slave [5]
Boomhowler, Solo Artist [0(6)]
Farrow Sapper [3]
Gatorman Witch Doctor [4]
Gudrun the Wasted [5]
Hermit of Henge Hold [5]
Kogan the Exile [0(6)]
Primal Archon [8]
Primal Archon [8]
Scythe [0(6)]
Wrong Eye [17]
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron [5]
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron [5]
Farrow Bone Grinders (min) [5]

My first opponent is Supertèd. We already had a few games against each other. Always super pleasant and very intense on the clock. This game is not going to be an exception to this rule. He took his good old Skarre 1 and Scaverous pairing.



[Theme] Black Industries

[Scaverous 1] Lord Exhumator Scaverous [+27]
– Deathjack [23]
– Deathripper [6]
– Doctor Stygius [4]
Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius [4]
– Kharybdis [17]
Hellslinger Phantom [0(7)]
Master Gurglepox [7]
Ol’ Grim [0(6)]
Void Archon [8]
Asphyxious the Sanctified [14]
– Toro [13]
Mechanithralls (min) [6]
– Brute Thrall (3) [0(6)]

Skarre 1


[Theme] Dark Host

[Skarre 1] Pirate Queen Skarre [+28]
– Stalker [8]
– Stalker [8]
– Stalker [8]
– Stalker [8]
– Doctor Stygius [0(4)]
Bane Lord Tartarus [0(6)]
Asphyxious the Sanctified [14]
– Stalker [8]
Bane Knights (max) [15]
– Bane Knight Officer [0(4)]
Bane Knights (max) [15]
– Bane Knight Officer [4]
Wraith Engine [15]

I can’t drop Barny here because, with Dark Guidance, Skarre absolutely crushes my list. Finally, we went on a Sturm and Drang vs Skarre match.


I win the roll and decide to be first player. Which will turn out to be my first mistake (it starts well ^^). The dark host theme gives access to two clouds. The few more inches that his position as second player gives him will allow him to create a large cloud wall with the clouds of Asphy4. My list has no tools against this.

I hesitated for a long time to include a Bog Trog Mist Speaker in my list deciding, finally, that the bonus of the objective would allow me to face the clouds walls and my lack of magic weapons. No luck, in this game, there are clouds walls and incorporeal. And I don’t have an objective being on Spread the net. I won’t forget you next time little Bog Trog!

Turn 1 – Sturm and Drang

His threat ranges are static, and he has no range attack. Easy: everyone runs forward and Malvin is TK to be even higher on the table. Vision goes on Kogan and Polarity Shield on Malvin (although that won’t be of much use against the Stalkers).

Turn 1 – Skarre

A careful turn by my opponent who will use the house, clouds from the theme and Asphy’s clouds to protect his army.

Turn 2 – Sturm and Drang

I don’t have much to do this turn. He left nothing in my threat range. I’ll move forward and stay as safe as possible. I’m going to feat on three Stalkers that won’t be of much use the next round. I’ll protect my lines with the Swamp gobber bellow crew cloud and kill some banes. Note that I don’t need to contest the left flag since he only has one solo (doctor Stygius) that he doesn’t want to lose before Skarre’s feat turn.

Turn 2 – Skarre

My opponent will continue his plan: jam me with mini-feated banes while keeping his important pieces safe waiting to make good use of them with the feat. He plays quite aggressively with the Wraith engine when he realizes that I can’t handle it while it’s incorporeal. He scores his zone. 

Brain and pinky: 0

Skarre: 1


Turn 3 – Sturm and Drang

I have to choose between two plans this turn: send Malvin and Mahyem on the wraith engine (incorporeal) and attack a Stalker next to it (behind a cloud) and Asphy4. But this means that I’ll only score two points because even if I can TK the battle engine, it has to stay in the zone if I want to charge it. The second plan is TK the wraith engine outside the zone and score three points.

Because i like to smash things, I opted for the first plan. I TK the battle engine in such a way that he will not have line of sight on my army next turn while staying in M&M threat range and (sadly) in the zone. I put puppet master on Malvin and charge the Wraith engine. I kill a Stalker and damage Asphy 4. 
I kill banes, i clean my zone and score my flag while contesting his zone with JAIMS.

Brain and pinky: 2

Skarre: 1



Turn 4 – Skarre

Sending Malvin and Mahyem in front of his army was not a good plan, but in the end, it will help me. My opponent does not want to feat to only kill M&M and, well, this jack is not that easy to kill. He spends a lot of time finding the right position to kill him, and his turn is very long. After killing M&M and cloud wall, he continues to jam my army with his banes. He sends a stalker to kill Orin but after bad rolls, he will leave him alive and most important, leave the zone with his jack without scoring any points at the end of the turn.

Brain and pinky: 2

Skarre: 1


Sturm and Drang turn 4

He still hasn’t feated. I think I can take good advantage on scenario while protecting my army this turn. I want to score two points by committing only one death archon. To get there I have to notably TK back the wraith engine.

So my caster advances and boosts a TK on the BE but: triple 1! All my plan felt apart with this rolls. 

So, I have to cast it again and boost. This time, it worked, but my caster is on 1 fury (and cursed!) in front of a good part of his army. I have to protect him.

I TK Sturm and drang back and place Gudrun and a death archon for denying his stalker to find landing spots. The rest is going rather well with the Road hog (under puppet master) killing the stalker who contests my zone while the death archon kills the banes who contested the central zone. I score two points. But my army is no longer protected as intended and my opponent still has his feat.

Brain and pinky: 4

Skarre: 1


Skarre turn 4

My opponent had to wait until this turn to feat, but it was certainly worth it. He feat on all his stalker, Aspy4, Skarre and the Battle engine.

He’s not going to try the KTC, but he will kill everything I put in front of my caster to protect him. He kills the right archon that I had to commit to clean the zone. He will kill Gudrun and the other archon easily. He will also find a way to kill my war hog with a Stalker (bad positioning on my part) and leave my road hog on one box after bad rolls! He will end up sending the battle engine base to base with my caster. He will score his flag but not his zone.

Brain and pinky: 4

Skarre: 2

Sturm and drang turn 5

The situation could not be worse. I have no way of contesting the table on the right. I have all his army under feat in front of mine while I lost two of my main “hard hitters” and my caster cannot escape to the wraith engine which is base to base with him (S&D mvt in 5, + TK himself + TK the battle engine and the BE have mouvement 7 and reach 2). First, i need to kill the stalker next to my caster. I’ll use Kogan and a primaled Battle boar to do that. After, i TK the BE, move 5 inches with Sturm and Drang and TK himself a little bit further. Boomie3 (under puppet master) and a road hog kill the Stalker that contests my zone. Now, I only have Scythe to activate. I have a choice: place it in front of my caster to prevent Wraith engine from reaching it or place it to challenge the flag. I choose the second option. I thought that a camping S&D had good chances to survive and if I let my opponent score, he will easily go ahead on the scenario the coming turns. 

Brain and pinky: 5

Skarre: 2

Skarre turn 5

With two minutes left on his clock, my opponent chooses to go for an assassination. He manages to send Asphy4 to my battle boar (only transfer target available) and kill him. He then sends his wraith engine under dark guidance on Sturm and drang. We calculate the odds which are 70% chance of success. He will miss his first attack with a triple one, making very poor damage rolls, and leave Sturm and drang on seven or eight boxes. 

My opponent was very unlucky in this game.
He then gives me the clock with one second left. I just have to pass the clock back to him and win the game.


What a game! I am very lucky to win this round.

I really enjoy playing Strum and Drang even though the incorporeal battle engine that i couldn’t kill and the cloud wall were horrible for me. I think I played a good game before my turn 4 despite these two elements. With a few more minutes on his clock my opponent could easily have won on the scenario since I had almost nothing left in my army and most importantly, nothing to contest on the right. He also played very well by not falling into the multiples bait that I set for him by keeping his feat for the best time. And what a feat turn it was! 

It was also pleasant to play S&D more aggressively and being able to TK the opposing models allowed me to be very active on the scenario. Even though it was that same game play that almost made me lose the game…

Up for the next round!