It’s brawlmachine time!

 My local warmachine community started a Brawlmachine tournament on wartable with 12 players. 

To be honnest, i’m not the biggest fan of Brawlmachine. But if there is one thing that Brawlmachine does well, it is to bring out the less played caster. And this game is a perfect example of this idea. Barnabas 2 is a middling caster in steamroller format. But he’s pretty good in brawl because of the melee output he can give to a list.



Same for Skarre 2. Her feat is actually excellent with just a few models on the table. 

Here’s our pairing (with specialists). I choose Barni2 because i recently bought the model, and i really want to try it on a table. Although, I think Helga 1 is a better answer here. 

Barnabas 2

[Barnabas 2] Barnabas, Lord of Blood [+23]
– Blackhide Wrastler [16]
– Boneswarm [7]
Boomhowler, Solo Artist [6]
Farrow Sapper [3]
Feralgeist [2]
Flugwug the Filcher [4]
Gatorman Witch Doctor [4]
Gudrun the Wasted [5]
Kogan the Exile [0(6)]
Death Archon [8]
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron [5]
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew [2]

Helga 1

[Helga 1] Helga the Conqueror [+29]
– Battle Boar [7]
– Pyre Troll [8]
– Troll Axer [9]
– Troll Impaler [9]
Dhunian Archon [6]
Farrow Sapper [3]
General ‘Thunderstone’ Brug [4]
Ledfoot & Tredz [0(7)]
Swamp Gobber Chef [1]
Swamp Gobber River Raider [1]
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (min) [5]
Trollkin Champions (max) [16]

Skarre 2

[Theme] Scourge of the Broken Coast

[Skarre 2] Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast [+26]
– Barathrum [15]
– Kharybdis [17]
– Doctor Stygius [4]
Axiara Wraithblade [0(6)]
Satyxis Raider Captain [4]
Warwitch Siren [4]
Black Ogrun Ironmongers [6]

Scharde Dirge Seers [6]
Satyxis Gunslingers [7]
Misery Cage [2]

Asphy 1

[Asphyxious 1] Iron Lich Asphyxious [+28]
– Barathrum [15]
– Seether [13]
– Doctor Stygius [4]
Hellslinger Phantom [0(7)]
Machine Wraith [2]
Master Gurglepox [7]
Ol’ Grim [6]
Black Ogrun Ironmongers [6]

Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius [6]
Gorman Di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist [4]
Warwitch Siren [4]


I won the roll and decided to go first. He chooses bottom side. Nothing really special to say about our deployement. I place my mine behind the house because it looks like an interesting place for his stuffs. My Sapper will ambush. 


First turn – Barni 2

Everything runs, including Barni. The croc pot gives two corpses to Kogan.

Skarre 2 – turn 1

He plays aggressively with his two jacks. Kharybdis enter in Kogan and Death archon threat range, but with Admonition, I will not be able to do much. Death ward is on Barathrum. 

Turn 2 – Barni 2

The game starts to be strategic from now on. His feat allows him to stack defense so high that I’ll not be able to do much during a turn. His objective is thus to send his two jacks in my lines, kill models and then feat on my models in order to avoid retaliation. Of course, I don’t want that to happen.

But two things complicate the situation. First, Kharybdis outhreat me. Then the scenario is very live and if I’m too shy, he can quickly score the four points needed. So I decided to play defensively, leaving some interesting bait for Kharybdis hoping that he will commit his jack. I use my gobber to make a cloud wall in order to protect Kogan, Barni and the Death archon. I give two corpses to the bonewsarm and mu beast come to contest the central flag and the zone. The feralgeist goes to my flag and finally, my Wrastler enters in the threat range of Karybdis. Barni cast Execretion of the blackest night.

Turn 2 – Skarre 2

He hesitates for a long time to send Kharybdis to kill the Wrastler with the bonus of gang provided by the satixys captain. He is ultimately not going to do it.

He’s just going to kill my two gobbers with Skarre 2 who then reposition in the trench and then move his troops a bit. Axiara goes on the flag. 

The bloody crocodile 1

The sadomasochistic witch 1

Turn 3 – Barni 2

My sapper ambush. He can shoot Axiara in the back. I need a 7, but if he shoots, in won’t be able to contest. I decide to give it a try but roll a 6 and the deflection does little damage. Damn.
He doesn’t contest the central flag, so I send the feralgeist there. Gundrun comes to score my own flag. Finally, I can send my Boneswarm under rage to Barathum. I have the choice between two solutions: either I run with the unit of Brani to give – 2 arm via the dark shroud abality of a bone shaker. Either I don’t run and I cast Desecretion of the blackest night to protect my army. I decide to apply the second plan. I also place puppet master on the bones swarm which, in the end, will only do slight damage from bad rolls.

The bloody crocodile 3

The sadomasochistic witch 2

Skarre 2 – turn 3

This time it’s a feat turn for Skarre. My opponent will start by killing a bone shaker and my feralgeist by launching a bone shaker with doctor stygius. The bone shaker was in cover, but my opponent rolled the needed 11 and kills both of my models. He scores the flag with his doctor.

Then Axiara kills my sapper. Barathrum barely kills the Boneswarm. And he sends Kharabdys to my Wraster, with the gang bonus from the Satyxis Champion. He will leave my wastler a few boxes. Finally, he feat giving – 5 to hit to Kogan, Barni, Wrastler and Death archon and +5 def to Skarre.

The bloody crocodile 4

The sadomasochistic witch 3

Turn 4 – barni

So, it’s bad for me.

Even if I have an advantage on scenario, I cannot score the last point that would allow me to win.

Assassination? I try to slam an orgun on Skarre with Kogan to put her KD and kill her with spells. But, sadly, the direction of the slam is not working for a fraction of inches. 

I have only one choice, kill Kharybdis with my MAT 1, 2 or 3 models. There is a “simple” way to do it: 1) Gundrun runs behind Kharybdis to prevent good Admonition landing spots 2) Kogan on 2 corpses, charges and boost his attack to slam Kharybdis and put him KD. My wrastler can then easily finish him off after I heal his aspects. But the whole plan is base on my ability to roll a boost 11. Seeing my luck during this game, it’s looks like a poor plan.  

I decide to improve my chances by activating the croc pot which will boost a gallow on Karybdis. He hits, and I need a 3+ on distance to make the jack enter in Barni’s melee range, which won’t trigger admonition when my caster activate because he won’t move. But of course I roll a 2. No choice.

I charge with Kogan. He rolls a 13, like a boss, slam Kharybdis on the champion. The jack is KD a takes good damages. The Wraster will be able to kill him easily.

I then activate Barni who heals the beast and I look for a spot for my caster who has not yet done anything in melee. I play Barni because i want a big gator smashing things in the middle of the table. But it didn’t happen yet.  It has to change!

First, I decide to place him behind the house in order to be aggressive and stay out of Barathum’s reach. But that puts me in Skarre’s treath range with a single ,barely alive, transfer target. I change my mind and put barni back in its previous position. But, in the confusion, I forgot to calculate Barathum’s charge range.

What a strategist, losing 3 important minutes to finally put my caster in the threat range of the strongest enemy model. 


Barni cast Desecration of the blackest night and my death archon move on my flag.

The bloody crocodile 5

The sadomasochistic witch 4

Turn 4 – Skarre 2

My opponent can easily kill my caster. But the way to achieve it is not easy and he does not have much time on the clock.

Here’s what he have to do:
– kill Gundrun who is in the way of Barathrum.
– kill my Wrastler, my last transfer target.
– put a warrior model next to my caster to give flank to Barathrum.
– charge with Barathrum in order to kill my caster.

The hero of the day will be called Gundrun. He survives to the charges of three orguns and the siren warwitch. Ultimately, it’s Skarre who will have to kill the ogrun. But this prevents him from taking advantage of the gang bonus and will leave Barni at a few boxes after Barathrum final attack, while my opponent clocked himself during the assassination attempt.

Ouch, it was close.



This match up was way harder than expected. And, by the way, we realized after the game that Kharybdis can’t be knockdown witch is huge here because I’m not sure a MAT 3 barni could have killed the jack, even with all his fury.

Up to the second round!