Bethayne 2 vs Gunnbjorn

Normally, when you lose the first round of a tournament, your next opponent is supposed to be weaker.

Sadly, I’ve been “upgraded” and find myself facing Wout, who is not only one of the strongest opponents I’ve ever faced but also a Gunny 2 player, a very complicated match up for Everblight.

I consider this tournament as an opportunity to test my stuffs against strong meta lists. We are definitely in that case here.

I pick Bethayne and he picks Gunny 2. Both choices make a lot of sense, Gunny being (very) strong against Blight and my Kryssa list has almost no way to survive against gunlines.

Fortunately, I win the initiative roll and decide to go first.

Ok, let’s take the time to think about my winning conditions here. I’m never going to win on attrition. Gunny2 is so strong on this aspect of the game. Let’s concentrate on the scenario and the assassination. 

I have two assets in this match: the feat of Bethayne which should allow me to survive for an extra turn and the sorceress on helion which prevents shots within 8′ of her.

I have to use these two assets to either find a KTC or win the scenario. This means: to play aggressively turn two and hope to create some interesting situations turn 3.

Bethayne 2

[Theme] Ravens of War

[Bethayne 2] Bethayne, Pride of Everblight [+28]
– Carnivean [17]
– Golab [17]
– Harrier [0(3)]
– Harrier [0(3)]
– Seraph [14]
Blight Archon [8]
– Mekanoshredder [4]
– Raek [6]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [0(6)]

Hellmouth [6]
Hellmouth [6]

Strider Deathstalker [(4)]
The Forsaken [4]
– Neraph [12]


Theme: Vengeance of Dhunia
50 / 50 Army 16 / 20 Specialist

Brigadier General Gunnbjorn – WB: +28
– Dire Troll Bomber – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)
– Dozer & Smigg – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)

War Wagon – PC: 16

Dez & Gubbin, Dynamite Duo – PC: 0
General ‘Thunderstone’ Brug – PC: 4
Trollkin Gunnery Sergeant – PC: 3

Trollkin Barrage Team – Leader & 2 Grunts: 8
Trollkin Barrage Team – Leader & 2 Grunts: 8
Farrow Razorback Crew – Gunner & Grunt: 5
Dhunian Knot – Leader & 2 Grunts: 0

Trollkin Gunnery Sergeant – PC: 3
Ledfoot & Tredz – PC: 7
Farrow Sapper – PC: 3
Farrow Sapper – PC: 3


As mentioned, I won the toss. I decide to go first, of course. Since this is only my second time playing this list (and this faction), I am struggling to place the hellmouths. The one on the left is too far forward and exposed to enemy fire.

I position myself in order to be able to use the house located in the center.

Aware of my poor positioning with the Hellmouth on the left, Wout places Gunny in front of it. My opponent chooses the objective that gives eyeless sight, and I choose the one that gives concealment.

Blight turn 1

Gunny’s shooting distances are frightening. I try to play aggressively – especially with my Raek protected by his Stealth rules – avoiding giving him models “for nothing”.

Trollblood turn 1

Turns out my Reak wasn’t safe. It took all of his resources, but the def 17 beast in the cloud eventually died. (Note to myself, Gunnery sergeant can remove stealth all over the table and observatory objective can be used turn 1). He will advance with the rest of his army, staying outside of my threat range.

Blight turn 2

It’s the big turn. The idea is to get my whole army high up on the table and hope to suffer limited damages. If i achieve that, i’ll be able to score a lot of points next turn or try a KTC. But this is not easy. Bethayne takes position behind the house and shoots the Razorback crew, kill one member and the other one will take over. I’m going to feat on the carnivean, Golab, Bethayne, the sorceress on helion, the two harriers and the mekanohredder. I have one feat target left and I choose the very exposed left-hand Hellmouth instead of the Seraph. Then, my sorceress on helion will come and position itself in the enemy lines. I position myself the best i can, avoiding bringing my models too close to each other with his feat that will inevitably happen.

Trolls and blight turn 2 and 3

And I will lose a lot of models: the seraph (logic), the mekkanoshredder, a harrier and my sorceress on helion.

My goal was to score a lot of points this round and take a big advantage on scenario. But alas, this is not possible.
– if I put my blight archon on the flag, it will definitely die the next turn having no more beasts to transfer to.  
– I have to commit my two beasts to hope to kill the war wagon. If I do, I will certainly lose at least one. And i’ll not be able to score the zone because Dez&Gubbin contest it (25% chances to kill the model with the Carni assault spray).
I only have one solution left, the KTC. What can I put in gunny? A carnivean assault shot, Bethayne’s shot, a breath of corruption arcnoded from Golab and then cast twice absorb flesh and hope to do 3 on the d3 + 1 to throw two breaths of corruption. And Gunny camps two.
You are probably wondering “hey, how are you going to do absorb flesh twice. It can only be casted once?”

Yep, I misread my rules.

This KTC, which already had very little chance of success, becomes impossible. And I even manage to make mistakes during the execution of the plan. In short, Gunny is alive and my caster is without focus in front of his whole army. She will be death a few minutres later. 


It’s definitely a complicated match up. And my opponent played perfectly, GG. 

But two good news: the game was quick and we can both prepare our respective barbecues during one of the rare sunny days in Belgium, and I found some tools to try to win this game. The idea of ​​the sorceress on helion under feat was helpful. He would have had a lot of trouble getting rid of her if he hadn’t made a very, very good roll with Gunny who killed her in such a way that i can’t transfer it to other models.

I will attempt to use two in my Bethayne list that will be created to play against the gunlines.

How do you deal with this kind of big gunlines? (but also Retribution and Crucible guard)